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Diversity at the TUC

The Technical University of Clausthal sees diversity and heterogeneity as an enrichment of the university, as the diversity of its students and employees is a major innovative potential. The TU Clausthal promotes this diversity as well as equal opportunities throughout the university culture.

Regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or social origin, each member of the university should be able to develop and deploy their individual abilities.

The TU Clausthal is therefore committed to promoting diversity, equal opportunities and the reconciliation of study and work with family responsibilities and to contribute to overcoming all the conflicting gender, ethnic, cultural, social and religious discrimination.

Diversity issues are involved and taken into consideration in all decision-making organs of the TU Clausthal. All institutions are required to consider the diversity and multiplicity of the employees and students concerned and to fully respect their needs.

The Executive Vice-President is responsible for diversity management at the TU Clausthal.


Equal Opportunity Officer
Diversity Officer

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